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Ocros, capital of the county of the same name, borders for the east and north with the county of Bolognesi (Ancash) and for south with the Limean counties of Ravine and Cajatambo and for the west with Ravine.

Ocros, it is known as "the Earth of the Green" Gold. I pray Green, because previously all the chacras low watering was with medic cultivation; since it is a food of nutritious great value for the cattle raising, due to it you impulse the upbringing of the bovine livestock, there being you located in the first position in the region Ancash, this economic activity was one of the merits for the creation of the County of Ocros; June of the year 19 1990, in that date; Ocros like district was located in the fourth place inside the development of the Peruvian cattle raising.



Altitude: 3,585 msnm. Coordinated This: 0237486, north: 8848140

Leaving the district of Ocros, to 90 minutes on the way on foot, heading for the south at an approximate distance of 4 km, the archaeological place of Pampas of Mark is located that it has an extension aprox. of 4 there are, there we can appreciate several tombs of the prehispanic time, which have the form of small tunnels in a circular way with a diameter aprox. Of 1.7 x 23 m, of depth, built with figured stones, they can even be bony human remains as skulls, femurs, humeri, etc. This archaeological place is in the summit of a hill, with a series of stone structures. Underground tombs that present niches exist. Walls stone perimetrales. Remains of ceramic of extended lips of the Inca time, equally remains of fragments of ceramic of pitchers that present azas in a braided way.

The walls or masonries of tombs or existent structures are of local invoice with antecedents in the culture Recuay. A series of tombs is disturbed. The Archaeological Complex presents a series of atmospheres that you/they could define it as an administrative place, some of these atmospheres they present accesses with vain of stones pulimentadas.

An andesita stone that looks like a Huanca or a landmark of the archaeological complex exists. The masonry is made of stones in an irregular way together with mortar of loamy mud.


Altitude: 3249 Coordinated msnm This: 0237584, north: 8848989

Located to the side from the entrance highway to Ocros, next to the entrance piazza from Conococha. Their waters are crystalline, the popular belief is that if the visitor takes a little bit of this water then she stays in Ocros, but if taking much then doesn't make effect. The plants that there are in the surroundings are: the quisuar, eucalyptuses alisos and broom flower. When they built the highway they modified the spring for that that at the moment is tubed.

According to local people's belief, the spring has special powers to retain who drinks of its waters, its flavor it is sweet of there the name in Quechua Misquipuquio that means "fresh water", is a simile of the "Water of Curayacu."


The gulch of Jaracocha, is at 1 hour with 30 min, of Ocros in vehicular transport, and of there to 2: 30 hours of walk, it is to an altitude of 4,117 msnm and their coordinates are: This: 0244833 and North: 8852364, and then we walk 2 1/2 hours to the Lagoon, in the itinerary some shacks of shepherds of sheep livestock are observed. Halfway the journey of the walk a small esplanade rocky call is appreciated THE COVER or BALCONCILLO, in which rests and from where the landscape is observed. These three Lagoons are among the area Puna and Jalca or Mountain range.

In the surroundings of the three lagoons population of deers, vizcachas, exists vicuñas, foxes, and wild birds, the Andean Condor, also they are medicinal plants as Huamanripa, escorzonera, golahuiro, and ichu.


Altitude: 4,580 msnm. Coordinated This: 0245587, north: 8853799

To 2:30 hours of walk from the Gulch of Jaracocha, their dimensions are 200x24x12 m. The color of the water is crystalline and it reflects the colors of the surrounding rocks. It has presence of trouts "Arch Iris" between 50 and 80 cm of approximately, around the lagoon the "gramineous one is appreciated Andean" or Steppe Ichu.


Altitude: 4,618 msnm. Coordinated This: 0245420, north: 8855102

It is located to 5 minutes more than bed from the Lagoon 1, of approximately 150x80x10 m. They also exist trouts of type "Arch Iris." It is characterized to have among the pedregal surrounding vizcachas habitat.


Altitude: 4,635 Coordinated msnm This: 0245557, north: 8855298

It is to 5 min, of the Lagoon of Jaracocha 2 of 300x160x15 m of dimension approximately. For what is the biggest Lagoon located to the foot of the Hill Big called Step, trouts of type "Arch exist Iris" and wild ducks.


Ocros has natural abundant resources in different aspects, for example in the high parts of the punas in the callejonada of Chonta can observe these rocks that take certain mystic form as that of the ELEPHANT OF ROCK, THE CHRIST OF ROCK and other but. We invite it to visit so that it can reach their conclusions.


This lagoon is located to 4.400 m.s.n.m, it is dammed and he/she has a capacity to store 1.500.000 m3 of water coming from the rains and also in this lagoon we can find trouts of two varieties Rainbow that he/she has the rosy meat and THE DARK DOVES that have the clearest meat, likewise in this lagoon we can find animal native as: the huachua, white gulls with the tip of the wings and the black head, aguash that is of black color with the paws and pick of orange color, ducks of two varieties some bigger ones and other smaller ones, also Martin the Fisherman, they are two types of birds one of black color and another of color lead that you/they have the paws and the long picks.


It is located to a height of 4.500 m.s.n.m., also dammed in the year 2002, for Municipal Provincial of Ocros and participation of the Commission of Watering of Ocros and Rural Community of Ocros, he/she has a capacity to store of 1.200.000 m3 of water coming from the rains. These stored waters are good to impel the development of the agriculture and of the cattle raising in the whole valley of Ocros, as well as it stops repotenciar the small one Central Hydroelectric of Ocros, also in this lagoon we can find the delicious trouts.


It is located to 4,500 msnm, Quimacocha is said because three lagoons exist, one is bigger and two are smaller.


It is Located to a height of 4,500 m.s.n.m, at a distance of 26 km of the city of Ocros traveling to the city of Huaraz; it is an extensive Pampas of approximately 8 km of longitude, it is conformed by two black Mountain ranges to the East and West is also adjacent with the County of Bolognesi and another traverse adjacent black Mountain range with the County of Bolognesi.


On 4,000 m.s.n.m., they are vicuñas and vizcachas.


In Ocros and their surroundings we appreciate many families that have as productive main economic activity to the cattle raising. Most of the bovine livestock is of race Brown Swiss. The toretes is dedicated for the meat commercialization. Of the milk cheeses are elaborated, white dish, butter among other derived, offered in sale on the part of small producers located in the Populated Center of Ocros and Bellavista.

The fame of the quality of livestock of Ocros doesn't have limits, for what is an option of tourist visit of first order for the visitor in the place. In productive growing economic development and he/she goes improving since from the year 2005 the artificial insemination technique it is also using with support of the Provincial Municipality and their time improving the production of grass.



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