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San Ignacio's County is one of the thirteen counties that conform the Department of Cajamarca, under the administration of the regional Government of Cajamarca, in Peru. Lima to the north with Ecuador, to the east with the Region Amazons, to the south with the county of Jaén and to the west with the Region Piura.



The National Sanctuary Tabaconas Namballe (SNTN) settled down May 20 1988 by means of the Supreme Ordinance N° 051-88AG. It is located in the department of Cajamarca, county of San Ignacio, in the districts of Tabaconas and Namballe, among the geographical coordinates 05°02'30" - 05°17' of south latitude and 79°23'00" - 79°06'06" of longitude west. The Sanctuary whose surface is of 29 500 has and he/she extends between the 1800 and the 3600 msnm, it embraces four areas of life that house an extraordinary biodiversity and a great beauty paisajística.


- Garden Etnobotanico. Municipal.
- Agroecologica of the Aryan Weighing Family Parcels.
- Agroecologica of the Family Parcels Núñez Ocampos.
- It Parcels Integral of the Family Guerrero.
- Center of Transformation of Native Products

Garden Etnobotanico. Municipal.

This located to 5 minutes in car, of San Ignacio's city, in the Sector of Low Potrerillo. Walking you arrives in 10 minutes. The Garden Etnobotánico, is a project that he/she comes developing San Ignacio's Ecological Provincial Municipality, there they are come recovering the medicinal plants used per years by our communities to face the problems of health, but that however to the date they are in an extinction process. This Garden also has investigation objectives and it will allow short term to reply him with gardens etnobotánicos in the different communities of our county, there same, he/she is the Municipal Nursery.

Agroecologica of the Aryan Weighing Family Parcels.

It parcels located in the village of Low Potrerillo, to 15 minutes in car of San Ignacio's city, this parcel is of coffee with new variety, low shade is cultivated and it uses technology agroecológica, with a production of 70 quintals for there is. In comparison to the 12 to 15 quintals average that a farmer common of the area harvests. It has incorporated this family the watering technique for aspersion to the cultivation of coffee, new experience in this area that uses the water for pluvial precipitation in 96%

Agroecologica of the Family Parcels Núñez Ocampos

It parcels located in the village Chililique to 15 minutes in car of San Ignacio's city, this parcel is of coffee with new variety, this first floor shade, and it uses technology agroecológica, with a production of 70 quintals for there is. In comparison to the yield average from 12 to 15 quintals for there is. In most of our farmers. It uses organic payments taken place by the same owners of the parcel.

It Parcels Integral of the Family Guerrero

This located in the sector of Chinchipe, beside the River Chinchipe, to 25 minutes of San Ignacio's city, you consents through the highway San Ignacio-Jaén. This integral parcel, has cultivations of bread to take, papaya, vegetables, he/she has a stable of bovine livestock for the production of milk, also bill with a farm of chickens, the only one in this area, with excellent results. The technique that uses in the agriculture is ecological, it has also incorporated the watering technique for graveness. Another great kindness of this integral parcel, is that it has a spa beside the river Chinchipe in whose area has an impressive eddy, to swim or to make another sport as the canotaje or walk in raft.

Center of Transformation of Native Products

Association of Ecological Producers. Small industry of transformation of native products of the area like the papaya, granadilla, llacón, pineapple. Fruits that are come becoming nectars and marmalades.


International Port the Raft

Located to 50 Km to the north of San Ignacio's city, step of frontier IV Axis Vial, will appreciate the bridge international "Integration" on the River Canchis; favorable place for the adventure (canotaje) tourism, natural spa for a healthy esparcimiento.

Cave of the Turks

Located in the itinerary of the highway San Ignacio-Namballe, natural cave of stone, with an impressive depth., it houses species of birds (Turks).

Spa District of Namballe

Tourist place located in the right margin of the one Namballe Laughed, with sport natural area. The water of the river allows the adventure tourism. (Canotaje and swimming).

Paintings Rupestres of Faical

Paintings Rupestres located to 13 Km to Nor This of San Ignacio's (40 minutes in car) city, you consents through a highway affirmed in good state. The paintings Rupestres of Faical, they are impregnated in the rockfaces of the Hill Faical, 1125 paintings exist, distributed in 11 squares that it constitutes the to the present time but archaeological big wealth. cultural and tourist of Peru in what refers to Paintings Rupestres, different styles of the art Andean rupestre are appreciated, I am used anthropomorphous seminaturalista, zoomorfo and zooantropomorfo and the style magic realist.. These would have an antiquity of but of 6,000 thousand years. This tourist complex has been conditioned for the tourism, with the necessary facilities for the visitors.

Mirador Tourist Hill Bell.

Located to 20 minutes of the san city Ignacio, this to a height of 1878 m.s.n.m. in the north side whose access is through a highway in good state, likewise you can arrive through an on the way to horseshoe with a time of 40 minutes walking; from this mirador a wonderful panorama of the populated centers is appreciated located in all the points, it is appreciated the natural immense vegetation and arable areas. Likewise one can observe the brave river Chinchipe, the san district José of Lourdes and Peruvian-Ecuadorian towns of frontier line, besides enjoying a healthy atmosphere.

In the north side it is appreciated from the mirador bell to towns of the neighboring country of the equator like ring. The residents of the area come developing the craft with very good results, in such a way that the tourists that arrive until this place can acquire this craft.

The Hill Bell is a tourist natural mirador that swimming pool a biodiversity of birds, reptiles, orchids, and insects. As natural mirador he/she has become as Tourist Mirador and through managements carried out before the Fund Binacional for the development of Frontier, you economic gotten resources for an acondicionamiento with recreational games, and others in order to promote the tourism.

The residents of High Bell have been organized in a Committee of Tourist Development that is producing craft worked in stone, clay and wood, with very good results.


This hill is located in the North part of San Ignacio's city. Their form is very attractive and in the immense quantity of rocks on its superior behalf a figure exists with the appearance of a woman majestic sitting on the armchair. Of the base of this rock a creek of clear water that never gets dirty flows and in whose riverside flowers of brilliant petals grow; it is counted that in their you are flooded you sometimes see swim a paw of gold that who want to catch it they suffer the loss of the reason. The residents count that in times inmemorables, a beautiful city existed in the Hill Bell whose inhabitants became enemies with the boss of another tribe, certain day all rose them against the enemy tribe. The boss of this tribe was wounded and in its pride, I travel to he/she closes it, where a sorcerer hired, with which made all his attackers and the same hill that it was transformed into lagoon love while his inhabitants were transformed in rocks. People that Huangari walked to the village count that, when spending for the hill bell in day Thursday or Friday Saint, they listen the chimed of a bell the song of roosters and, from time to time the melodies of a band of musicians. It is also counted that a bull tied to a rope of gold sometimes leave, rope that is a challenge sign to the hill Picorana that is to the other side of the river Chinchipe.

Archaeological Museum "Faicales"

Located in the National school Tito Cusi Yupanqui in Av. San Ignacio, tourist attractiveness where samples of clay ceramios and stone of different cultures, pictures of places tourist (coast, mountain and forest) skins of animals, masks, etc are appreciated.

Waterfall "the Kettles"

Located at 25Km of San Ignacio's city, you consents for via carrozable San Ignacio-port Chinchipe (affirmed), crosses the River Chinchipe for captive raft and for cable, then in trail carrozable to the village big herdsman, arriving on foot to the place in 1 hour 30 minutes, its waters pretend to be black for the reflection of the lithic material of the area, they are formed wells or natural pools for a comforting bathroom.

Waterfall "the Freedom"

Located in the village The Freedom, distant to 6 Km of San Ignacio's city, fall of water is appreciated to a height of 20m. their surrounding area is of natural vegetation and you parcel of organic coffee. You consents through on the way to very passable horseshoe.

The Blue Lagoon

It is located in the village The Lagoon, Sector Chinese Neighborhood of the District of Huarango, their extension is of 1 Km. of long for 600 m of wide; this surrounded of extensive areas grass. He/she has 4 varieties of wild grass and three varieties of fish: Tilapia, Carp and Fish Blanco of up to 30cm of long. You consents by lorry affirmed from port Plum tree. Huarango. The Future. The Lagoon, at a distance of 30Km from Port Plum tree.

Waterfall of Ozurco

Located in the village of Ozurco in the district of Huarango, you consents by lorry affirmed from port Plum tree. Huarango - Ozurco, at a distance of 25 Km from Port Plum tree. An impressive fall of the favorable waters is appreciated for a comforting bathroom.

Lagoons "Arrebiatadas"

They are located in the district from Tabaconas to 3200 m.s.n.m in San Ignacio's County, you consents on foot from the district of Tabaconas, at 8 hours on the way of horseshoe for the part guides of the gulch of Coyona until the hill Seen Beautiful of where the first lagoon appeared "Victoria ". From that place an immense valley is visualized and of here the journey begins to pass the 15 lagoons. In the environment of the lagoons "Arrebiatadas "exists wide variety of medicinal plants, you plant ornamental (Orchids); as well as remains and archaeological vestiges, caverns, wild ducks, deers, sachavacas, bears, among other animals. These Lagoons are appropriate for the Magic Tourism _ religious, being cultivated the occult same legacy with the lagoons "Huarinjas" of Huancabanba.

Port "the Meetings"

Located to 30 Km of San Ignacio's City, place where the rivers converge Canchis and San Francisco that give origin to majestic Chinchipe, it is had a captive raft of 30 TM for transfer of vehicles and people crossing the river Chinchipe. The rivers canchis and San Francisco are you limit natural likewise a landmark of territorial demarcation is appreciated.

Paintings Rupestres Hill "the Letter"

They are located in the hill the letter in the center Big populated Herdsman, district of San José of Lourdes, in the left margin of the gulch Gramalotes, to 1125 m.s.n.m. The predominant color in this paintings the red one. Scenes of adoration are observed to their God, one goes through the highway Port Chinchipe - Big distant Herdsman to 25 Km of city of San Ignacio.

Spa Port Plum Tree

Located to 50 Km of San Ignacio's city, one goes by lorry affirmed, crossing the river Chinchipe for captive raft or in boat. The days Sundays they are carried out agricultural and commercial big fairs. Being able to degustar wide variety of Typical plates of the area.

Waterfalls of Machetillo

Located to 10 Km of the district of Coipa you consents in car to the village Machetillo; Then for on the way to horseshoe 1 Km. The fall of the natural waters is appreciated, favorable for a comforting bathroom.

Natural Lagoons "Higuerón"

Located in the village Higuerón to 8 Km of the District of Chirinos. It is visualized two well-known lagoons traditionally as Meek lagoon and Brave lagoon, capable for the recreation and the sport. In this lagoons you practice the occult faith healing.

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