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Date aspects and climate.

The images of he/she Feels and Nazca that you/they are shown in you paginate them dedicated to these two towns they were taken among the days 20, 21 and 22 of March of 2008 (Traded long per Week Santa year 2008).

The area of he/she Feels, it was favored by the abundance of rains in the mountain, that which I generate that the valleys are totally green, generating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Aspects to keep before in mind and during the tours.

To carry out the tours in this area, it is advisable to have in consideration the following thing:

  • The climate is warm and dry, therefore to take abundant water to be moisturized, because the temperature is quite high, ending up being the maxim of 30 centigrade grades, although the thermal sensation seems to be bigger.
  • A good bloquedor, if you travels with children, the protection grade should be the but high possible, of preference with grade 100 or but of factor of solar protection, because their skin is but sensitive.
  • A good one repellent, because to the shade, to the dawn and the evening, the wading ones tried to charge you their share of blood to visit these towns.
  • If they travel with own mobility, all the passengers should use the belts of security.
  • Not to contaminate the natural atmospheres to visit with covers and bottles of non returnable plastic.
  • Respect the culture and traditions of the towns that it visits.
  • Have a good time all that can, but don't forget that, where they finish their rights the rights of the other ones they begin.

  • As arriving to he/she Feels and Nazca.

    To arrive to these towns is quite easy, because the highway this in good state and the company of transport of fleeting PeruBus offers a good service, its terminal this in the first block of Av. Mexico, in Victoria's District.

    Those that plan to travel with own mobility, the distances to travel are the following ones:

  • Lima - Chincha, approximately Km 200 of the Pan-American South.
  • Lima - Pisco, approximately Km 230 of the Pan-American South.
  • Lima - Ica, approximately Km 300 of the Pan-American South.
  • Lima - Ocucaje, approximately Km 334 of the Pan-American South.
  • Lima - he/she Feels, approximately Km 400 of the Pan-American South.
  • Lima - Nazca, approximately Km 450 of the Pan-American South.
  • Very good stations of service exist for the supply of fuel in all these towns, except in the case of Ocucaje that alone it is mentioned as point referencial for the distances to travel.

    With you our model mini Cynthia Jasmine Valderrama Ramírez, she poses for us in the sandbanks of Chauchilla - Nazca, shows our clothes to use when visiting the cities of he/she Feels and Nazca, she uses sport clothes, in fresh cloth, because the heat is unbearable, it covers its head with a cloth sobrero and it uses a bloquedor grade 100 of factor of solar protection for the care of its skin, he/she puts on shoes slippers Nayqui it marks, to cover its delicate piesecitos.

    Service of Having Guided Tourist.

    If you visit the city of he/she Feels and you want to have the service of having guided tourist, Sra. Luisa Amelia Red Rupire, he/she has information first hand and it offered you the possibility to know all the places considered as tourist attractiveness, always in when you have the enough time to arrive to them.

    The telephones to contact her are the following ones: Telephone 056-404099 Annex 27, Cellular Clear 956757788, their electronic mail is

    In it paginates it dedicated Geoglifo Tumi, in the second picture you rot to observe Sra. Luisa Rupire, helping a lady to go up a hill; with the purpose of having a better view of mentioned Geoglifo, she dressed sportly with a cap beige color, celestial pole and jean dark color.


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