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Bolívar's Peruvian County is one of the twelve counties that conform the department or region of The Freedom. Lima for the north with the Department of Amazons, for the east with San Martin's Department, for the south with the County of Pataz and for the west with Sánchez's County Carrión and the Department of Cajamarca. It is located near to the river Marañón, in the fringe denominated Peruvian forest brow, for that that the same as Pataz (Tayabamba) is one of the counties but distant to capital Trujillo of the Freedom.

Bolívar's Peruvian District is the one of the 06 districts of Bolívar's County. Bolívar is the capital of Bolívar's county. In this district he/she is the archaeological rest Pakarishka, located in the village of Cujibamba. He/she is the witness of the historical grandiose past of this town.

Bolívar this located to more than 3 thousand meters high on the sea level. Mountainous area, in Andes of Peru, of rainy climate, and he/she fries. Their population is devoted mostly to the agriculture.

Bolívar is an area of very rich archaeology in thanks to the Culture Chachapoyas since here are archaeological important groups of the "Warriors of the Fog" like they are also denominated. It was the it gives of Curacazgo of Caxamarquilla with their capital the citadel of Cunturmarca.

In their territory of he/she finds the link citadel between Kuelap and Great Pajaten, denominated it Veers it Veers. Equally in Cusipampa ("Pampas of the Happiness") the interview took place among Inca Huayna Capac and the Matron Cajamarquilla that was concubine of Túpac Yupanqui (Father of Huayna Capac), he/she interviews that I avoid a great massacre of the population of Caxamarquilla. As answer to that historical fact, overnight, the Inca control to build the Strength of Pakarishka.

In natural resources Bolívar is the county of the 10 rivers and 50 lagoons, all them profitable energetically and according to the geographers like Dr. Efraín Orbegozo 80% of this lagoons is artificial.

Equally big locations of minerals that are in the aim of some managers exists. Another great resource of the County is the river Marañon that travels 100 kilometers through the county with sectors that can be navigable for small crafts.

Among the tourist attractiveness they highlight, the Strength of Pakarishka, Strength of Pirka Pirka, Citadel of it Veers it Veers, Citadel of Ino, Citadel of Cunturmaca, Cemeteries of Shuenden, Huayabamba, Chibane, Mallaca, Old Town in Condormarca, Salunpuy, lagoons, valleys interandinos, rivers, hills, glaciers, etc.


The Square of Weapons, of district of Bolívar this to an altitude of 3129 m.s.n.m, located in the natural Quechua region. The infraestrucura inside the square of weapons is to regulate. The square of weapons as all resource presents certain characteristics as they are: In the center he/she meets a pileta with grills to their surroundings that in general is made work for the employer party. In the front right part, he/she is the national pavilion. He/she has among 10 to 12 cement bankings. The square of weapons bill with green areas which is maintained by the Provincial Municipality.


The activities developed inside the Church are the picture of the diverse saints located around the main altarpiece that dates of the beginning of the XX century. The services that the Church toasts are the daily and Sunday masses for the parishioners of the town and who visit her. They are diverse images, placed in their respective niches. In the center of the Church there is an altarpiece that dates behind of many years. In the superior part he/she is a steeple, already restored lately.


This is an Archaeological colossal Rest, located in the village of Cujibamba, in the district of Bolívar to an approximate height of 3360 m.s.n.m. He/she is the witness of the historical grandiose past of this town that is imposed under the blue sky Bolivariano through the centuries. It was ordered to build for Inca Túpac Yupanqui, being made with the help of stone together with mud, to the style of the Culture Chachapoyas.

The access to this is by surface mail, at 3horas and half of Bolívar's center of the one that you travels now for a toward a tract of the highway in the village of Chellén picturesque roads, until finally to arrive to the Strength of Pakarishka. It is necessary to mention that the access is difficult.


Located 3060 m.s.n.m. approximately, in the village of Cujibamba, of Bolívar's district; in the skirts of the mountain that it houses to the imposing Strength of Pakarishka. It constitutes a Pampas of great extension that he/she keeps a historical great past since in this the interview he/she took place among Inca Huayna Cápac and the Matron Cajamarquilla that was concubine of Túpac Yupanqui (Father of Huayna Cápac), he/she interviews that I avoid a great massacre of the population of Caxamarquilla. As answer to that historical fact, overnight, the Inca control to build the Strength of Pakarishka. At the present time it houses different birds, inside them the most distinguished is Lic-Lic. Likewise it is good for the shepherding of bovine livestock, ovino and horsy.There one can observe the blue sky, the green grass and beautiful nature that God has given us; they can be carried out taking of pictures, filmings, walks to horse or mule, camping site, walks, cycling; etc.


In the region of the Freedom this rock is located where you can appreciate in its front part the figures of the sun and the moon of color orange. These paintings have enough antiquity and in spite of spending of the years they are still conserved. He/she has an altitude of 23 m. This resource can be visited the whole year, without restriction of schedules and without cost some, is made at one time via terrestrial (on foot, acémila) approximate of 50 minutes, the visitors that go are in its majority locals. But in this resource the potential tourists can carry out diverse activities among adventure sports, camping site, taking of pictures, etc.


This resource this located in the region the freedom in Bolívar's county and in the district of the same name. It is to an approximate altitude of 3 500 m.s.n.m. The state of this resource is to regulate because proprietor doesn't possess and it is not administered by anybody. The access toward this resource is via terrestrial or pedestrian and it can leave in acémila or walking. This journey is of a single tract. Here they can they arrive visitor's type, but in sumatoria that visits this resource they are the local residents. The activities that can be carried out in this resource are of nature, walks and aquatic sports.


This is an impressive resource that is located in the journey that is carried out to the lagoon of Shopoll, the enormous rocks that accompany the landscape they give a beautiful view to the place.


Very beautiful lagoon that has of diameter an approximate of 200 meters. In this lagoon we can find trouts of different sizes that are fished for the consumption and commercialization of the county.


A tourist good resource to visit in the county and bolivar district in the department of the freedom. This is a natural mirador that is in the summit of the hill Chocolate, where the tourists or people aledañas that arrive can make a panoramic view of the bolivar village. This this adorned by the flora that accompanies the landscape. The journey that one makes is on foot in an average of 1 hour or acémila, where in the course they are many but resources of natural type. This natural place of type of picturesque places and subtype of natural mirador classified according to the manual of MINCETUR. The resource can be visited the whole day and it doesn't have any cost.


This resource is the only one Snowy that is even in Bolívar's county. Reflective a special shine from their summits. It is even a resource in non operation and of Regulating state, since it doesn't have an appropriate development project, reason for which the access is free and in any time of the year (Although the advisable thing is in the months of April to November that is summer season and the rains are not very frequent); he/she doesn't have established a schedule of visits. The routes you access is given by surface mail (trail). Throughout their journey this snowy one offers a series of natural landscapes. This allows the development of diverse activities like the taking of pictures, observation of landscapes (forest of stones, eucalyptuses and pines, picturesque roads, others), practices of tracking. Inside the resource there is not infrastructure, neither tourist plant.


To 3 300 m.s.n.m, this resource stands out for the variety of natural landscapes that allows to appreciate from its elevation, besides the different forests of stones, eucalyptuses and pines. It presents a variety of vegetation, which are used as consumption essences in some cases. In this natural mirador, he/she is the antenna of cellular telephony. From the summit of this you snowy Cajamarquilla can appreciate.



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