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The city of Otuzco, is a town located in the mountain of The Freedom. It is the capital of the county of Otuzco and it is known by their beautiful sanctuary of the Virgin of the Door, which is the patron Virgin of the city and he/she is attributed the miracle of liberating of Dutch pirates the towns of this mountain. It is to 75 kilometers of Trujillo to more or less 2 and a half hours in bus.

The origin of the Town of Otuzco goes back to the time of the Conquest, when in 1545 the Augustinian parents: Brother Juan of San Pedro, Brother Juan of the Song, Brother Juan Ramírez and Brother Antonio Lozano that you/they were natural of Orozco Spain, they arrived to this place with the purpose of spreading the Christianity, establishing the small town in the vicinity of the hills of the Hermitage and Usgatap. The name of Otuzco derives of the Quechua word "Ushco" that means Town of the Stopped Stone. Otuzco extends in a valley interandino with natural landscapes that surround the city; in its urban space it possesses architectural structures that date of the XVIII century. It is a picturesque city of the mountain liberteña. It presents in their contours a beautiful landscape of Andean valley, gulches as Tupullo and that of the river Chicken and the hill of The Hermitage.

According to the German archaeologist Max Uhle the word Otuzco derives of a Mayan word whose meaning is Fearful Town. For Luis Felipe Peace Soldán, Otuzco is a coalition of the voice aymará Uttu that means origin or principle and the Quechua voice Osco that means poor or beggar that translated it means Town of poor origin.

Others affirm that Otuzco comes from the name of the tribe of Tuscos those dominated by Chimús that inhabited a small town to which one believes, Otosco they denominated whose remains are in the vicinity of the rivers Chicken and Huangamarca, where today the cemetery of Otuzco is located.

Some say that Otuzco derives of the name Orozco, Spanish city of where the Augustinian monks that founded the neighborhood The Hermitage, considered as the foundation of the current city proceeded.

Be which was their origin, the certain thing it is that Otuzco is at the present time a city that has two historical big monuments "The stone" sanctuary that began to be constituted October of 1950, 27 day in that he/she put on the first stone like work of faith and of love to the employer of the city of Otuzco, The Immaculate Virgin of the Door, and the Colonial Steeple 16 meters high, nine of wide and 4.80 of thickness (arch of half point), only in the country. According to the experts it constitutes, silent witness of the rebellion of the "turbulent otuzcanos" that you/they didn't pay the personal Tribute to the King for the year 1780, of the proclamation of the "Freedom" in Otuzco made by the descendants of those turbulent ones in 1819, or of the liberator's step Simón Bolívar April of 1824, 14 date in that their bells should play to I rebut, summoning to be free for always.



The history of the Virgin of the Door begins with a case of piracy, happened in Trujillo's city. In the year of 1674 he/she appeared to the height of Huanchaco a fleet pirate that had already committed crimes in the port of Guayaquil and in the then prosperous village of Saña, disappeared today, where the Archbishop from Sacred Lima died Toribio of Mogrovejo in 1606.

Trujillo's inhabitants were evidently frightened with the approach of that fleet and emissaries sent to all the cities and villages of the region, among them to Otuzco, located in the mountain, to 75 Km. of distance.

The neighbors of the town were also very concerned. And, not having walls neither having any defense possibility, they decided to appeal to That that the Sacred Writing calls "terrible as an Army in battle" order. This way, as extreme resource, they decided to place in the door of the city an image of Our Mrs. of Concepción, devotion that the religious Orders had popularized a lot before the proclamation of their dogma for Pious IX, in 1854.

There was in Otuzco a hermitage dedicated to Concepción's Virgin, due to the devotion of an illustrious lady, Doña Moorish Florence of Sandoval, celebrated for the countless acts of charity that he/she practiced.

Surprisingly it was not that image, Employer of the city, the one that was placed in the door, because a habit of the Viceroyalty demanded her to come out only of its altar in the church for the procession in the day of its party. Very respectful of the effective customs, the inhabitants of Otuzco didn't want to retire the Employer of their place, not even before that imminent calamity.

This way, it was defending the door of the city another image of Our Mrs. of Concepción, brought years before Venezuela to carry out processions of the Immaculate one outside of the holidays official. Such an image has a meter high, and he/she is seated on a piece of rock of a span of high, all lined of silver.

After in fact placing it in the place where, in any moment, the appearance of the pirates, the population was expected it was understood that it was only them to pray and to trust Sacred María's maternal protection. Three days and three nights the inhabitants remained praying together in the door of the city, to the feet of the image, awaiting the one feared attack.

But... the impossible thing happened! The Dutch Protestants whose numeric superiority and of force it was evident, they not even disembarked! Until today no historian was able to present a natural convincing explanation for the fact: Trujillo's city, and the towns of Huanchaco and Otuzco were preserved of any attack of the terrible pirates.


Among the admirable many facts carried out by mediation of the Virgin of the Door, the good known one is the "Miracle Of the Ring."Certain day, little before beginning the novena of their party, it arrived on foot to Otuzco, coming from a denominated town Chimur, a devote one very poor. He/she wanted to send to celebrate a Santa Mass during the novena, for a particular very urgent intention. As it didn't possess money to commend the Mass, he/she requested charities for the whole town until obtaining the enough quantity. Satisfied with the result, he/she requested the local parish priest, a priest of last name Moorland, the celebration of the Mass.But to satisfy that desire at the last moment for occasion of the Employer's party was impossible, due to the multiple orders of Masses that accumulated for those dates. Forlorn, the poor woman renovated the order that could not be answered to the priest. It began, then, again on foot, the return trip to their town.To half the forlorn woman met on the way, with a youth Mrs., of majestic behavior. He found strange that so worthy person walks alone for those poor places. The Mrs. he/she gave him/her a beautiful ring, and he/she advised him/her to return immediately to Otuzco and to renovate the father the order of the Mass, but without referring to that unexpected encounter. The devote one followed the recommendation and it returned, always on foot, to the parochial house.It is of imagining the priest's surprise, when rediscovering that humble woman that insisted in the celebration of the Sacred Sacrifice, showing him/her the jewel that he knew perfectly: it was, no more, no less, the valuable ring used by the image of the Virgin of the Door in their altar. Nobody had noticed their disappearance. And it would not be him/her possible to the poor woman to take possession of that jewel in those days, amid the multitude of faithful. Before such a demonstration of predilection of the Mother of God for that faithful one devote, the priest immediately agreed in celebrating the Mass.It is said of Sacred María, paraphrasing the Writing that She has in their hands "the key that opens up and nobody closes; that he/she closes and nobody opens up." In the perturbed days that he/she plays us to live, in front of insoluble so many problems and unbeatable difficulties that burden us - so much spiritual as materials - we have present the admirable invocation of Our Mrs. of the Door, and let us ask him/her that She opens the doors from the solution to all our necessities, like to those of our dear beings and of our afflicted Peru; and the closing to the perverse influences of the sin and of the disorder.


In the 447 years (1560 -2007) of having founded the City of Otuzco, three churches and a Great Sanctuary have risen. The first Main Church was built in the XV century and he/she burned in June of 1664. The Bishop Juan of the Street and Heredia officialized the cult to the Virgin of the Door June 4 1664 and the construction of the second Main Church begins.

The 16 of Julio 1821 the patriots bombarded it soon after the defeat of the Spaniards in the Battle of Urmo. In republic the third Main Church was built that ends in 1940.

October 27 1983 the Sacred Image of the Virgin of the Door, it is transferred in definitive form to their Sanctuary, later on the Main Church is restored by the Fraternity, and it is at the moment headquarters of the Religious Museum where houses and it is exhibited the countless mantels, crowns, jewels and objects that give to the Virgin of the Door in recompense to a miracle or granted favor.

The schedule of attention is of 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 to 6 p.m of Wednesday to Monday; Mars are closed. The entrance cost is of A New Sun, being gratuitous for the children smaller than 10 years.


The enormous quantity of faithful that congregate the party of The Virgin of The Door that takes place December 12, to take place alone they speak of the big miracles that attribute to this virgin, but other important festivities exist as that of the employer one of Coina in honor to San Miguel Archangel that takes place from the 23 to the 30 of Julio; the Party of The Virgin of Asunción in Usquil that takes place of August 15 and that of Mercedes' Virgin in Chuquizongo that takes place September 24.

Another Employer party similar of important is that of San Ignacio of Loyola in the District of Sinsicap.

This Employer party is in honor to the Pattern San Ignacio of Loyola and he/she takes place the 29, 30 and 31 of Julio. The town is to few kilometers of Sinsicap following the highway toward the interior.

The celebration is carried out by simple people, with its own characteristics. He/she has their party programming with several activities that are developed in the days of I celebrate. Many "sanignacieros", compatriots and visitors converge to celebrate San Ignacio's main party, being happy to the they are of several music bands.

The 31 of Julio in the Central Day come out the Pattern's Procession for the town that is accompanied by their devote ones, music bands and bands folclóricas like the "gypsies", the "canasteros" that are dancing also adorned with feathers of real turkey in the head that you/they dance a cheerful tune of martial air, the "condors", dancers that get off the heights of the dressed hills of black with wings and with a pick willing to make mischiefs with their thank you.

The district of Huaranchal, is the one of the 10 districts of the County of Otuzco, it is located in the mountain Peruvian liberteña, valley of High Chicama; County of Otuzco to 250 kms. to Trujillo's east, it has the tourist following attractiveness:

Party of the Mr. of the Miracles

The Mr. of the Miracles he/she is the patron saint of Huaranchal. Therefore every year of the 22 at June 25 he/she takes place the employer party. This party is an encounter date among the huaranchalinos residents in other parts of Peru and of the foreigner and of the devote of the patron saint.

The villages belonging to Huaranchal take charge of the organization. Every year becomes responsible a village the events of each party are very diverse: Bullfight with bulls of Chuquizongo, Burns of artificial fires, Mass and Procession of the Mr. of the Miracles, dance Competitions and of kitchen and the Central Great Dance with the participation of musicians' of the region many bands.

Party of the Virgin of Carmén

If the Mr. of the Miracles he/she is the Patron saint of Huaranchal, Carmen's Virgin he/she is the Santa Employer. For this reason, the fervor huaranchalino is given appointment every year to celebrate the "Party of the Virgin of Carmén" November 14.


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