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The Foundation of Oxapampa

August of 1941, 30 fifty years after the foundation of Oxapampa, Enrique writes Böttger with his fist and letter the history of the foundation of Oxapampa. The following text is an extract of the original text. We appreciate Mr. Eugen Anders to provide a copy of the original text in Castilian as well as a compressed translation to German.


In today's day, the 1º Fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of this Colony, I allow myself to make a suscinta description from their principle of the foundation in this called place "Oxapampa."

March 10 1875 entered with my parents and my siblings from Lima to this, in that time not very well-known, but flourishing valley of Huancabamba to settle down in the bosquejoso place Homestead and Yanachaga, lands acquired by purchase, to impenetrable immediate forests from San Daniel toward today "Oxapampa", dominated lands for the tribe of unfaithful "Amuechas" that you/they didn't allow entrance to their territory from the year 1740 that were invaded and burnt both "Missions", that of the Hill of the Salt and that of Huancabamba, for the infidels, for the tortures that suffered in that time of the Inquisition, according to stories that made us the oldest Caciques; time in that you/they didn't also allow to enter to any civilized from "Chanchamayo" to their regions, fighting continually until against San Ramón's strength until the year 1879 that some infidels already friends with us entered in friendly relationships with some chacareros in Chanchamayo; allowing the entrance from then on to those regions.

In the year of 1876 by chance could enter and to collide with a called on montera "Puriz" for the infidels in the sulfurous waters in "San Daniel" that was good them to hunt the animals of the mount that took those waters; place where I put the day following spices like gift for them, those that some days later they had picked up, responding with some beautiful bands with pretty plumages of birds and two poronguitos with honey of bees, together with packages with peanut wrapped in leaves of palms, placing them in the shack.

This exchange, without being able to them to see neither to find them lengthened until March of 1877. Judging I for this exchange that they wanted to enter in friendly relationships, cheered up with my brother Pablo, Mister Ernesto Mühlenbruck, Don Tomás Seehaus, Don Francisco Ruffner of penetrating until their whereabouts, uniting when going by the country property "Carolina" Don Eliseo Schrader and we follow our march. That to make a due description at this time on our expedition of the infidels' conquest it would be very extensive, for that that me concrete and I will only say that we passed of house in house of them that you/they lived distant some of other, surprised some and afraid others for our unexpected visit that with good tact, responding to their encounters with kindness without roughness, with one that another gift achieves its friendship, until the center today "Oxapampa", returning to the four days of ours wanted and obtained success, accompanied by a son that the Cacique trusted us "Illupiu" returns to our families that you/they already waited for us with restlessness; sustaining the friendship obtained with them with gifts and good treatment soon after when they came to visit one another, and this always with other infidels that we didn't know of the interior of the region, until the year 1881 that the Father Brother came Bernandino Conzales to also visit "Oxapampa", with the desire of establishing a Mission in this region coming for this end, in the year 1883/84 the Beautiful Father to want to form the Mission in the place "Quillazú", but he had to escape coming suffocated and afraid where us to "Homestead" saying us of being pursued by the infidels that it continued to the country property "Orange grove" after a short d scanso, when at short time a group came from unfaithful in its persecution, to those that we made a high one that we made them return after inviting them something.


Finally, in the year 1885 for advice and our influence on the infidels, you could build the first house for the formation of the Mission in "Quillazú" that occupied, I don't remember if it was the Father Venturo or Pallar.

Knowing me for the infidels that they made the trip to Chanchamayo in only two and half days for the mount, I cheered up of making the first trail of Oxapampa to communicate with this Valley that before were used in a rodeo by Junín from 8 to 10 days, putting on soon after in connection with the authorities of the Department to make the one of the one on the way to Huancabamba to Chanchamayo, what was offered me but in anything compliment that motivated me to make an agreement with the farmers of Huancabamba of franking me its operatives, with ours made pass the road until more below of "Tuntilgú" today "Sogormo"; continuing him with infidels' groups that offered me its help, until more below of the called river Sta. Cruz, to the encounter, with the section that the Father Gabriel Salá, he/she had committed later on with me, to make it from San Luis of Shuaro that newly was forming to that Mission, until Sogormo to my encounter being finished this way the one in route to "Chanchamayo", sustaining it of both sides, and the friendship, with the infidels, until the year 1889, it dates in that some came colonists of Pozuzo bringing in their backs for a terrible road, coca, rice, and tobacco, on the other hand of their necessities in Pozuzo, complaining bitterly about the abandonment of that colony, and of their lamentable existence, for the blockade in that you/they were. To what I told them, if you want. they go to "Oxapampa" and those lands; if you like it I will provide them to him! To what you/they went to see, saying me to the return that they liked a lot that place that you/they have seen, and that if I could get them lands, they would come to work them; to what I responded them: for this you try to speak with the other colonists, if there are among them that cheer up of settling down in Oxapampa, because 3 to 4 families would be useless their stability inside those extensive forests. To what you/they sent me a list of twelve colonists, and soon after another of 32 clever colonists of moving soon after, after having gotten the lands.

With the first list I traveled to the prefecture of Hill of Pasco and I requested the corresponding permits, which were granted me. Then I marked a land for each colonist. Later I received a list more with 145 names. All were willing to move to Oxapampa to settle down there. The rest of the colony would also go, as soon as they were available the lands. With a power emitted by them I requested of the government in Lima to allow the transfer of the colony of Pozuzo toward Oxapampa for their best location and better climate. To this application they answered positively.

When they found out in Huánuco they protested vigorously because Pozuzo belongs to Huánuco and not to the county of Pasco. At the same time they threatened the colonists of returning them if it was necessary another time of Oxapampa to Pozuzo. Finally the moving of the complete colony was not allowed.


For their natural good position and their excellent climate amid extensive lands in their continuous region for a sure future nowadays could have been Central" "City between the mountain and the real mountain, for the immigration current that would have continued him/her undoubtedly of Germany and of other countries; it was that at short time the wicked Malaria was declared later in Pozuzo that most of the colonists was victims pitifully, without the due helps and medications.

According to data that we possess, most of the German colonies settled down in this South American continent is flourishing, and others in good positions, giving millions in money each one with their annual products in benefit of those countries, less the colony "Tovar" in Venezuela, the colony of Pozuzo, and that of Oxapampa in Peru, for the blockade and the excessive taxes on their main products.

We could take place ten times more, if we had a modern road to export the products to towns consumers and commercial squares.

Many times I have shown up to one and another government for the desencerramiento of the colony and their valuable united regions; but always debated by chimerical, opposed voices, without foundation; that is not my blame the investment of enormous sums of money on my projects of the railroad, Tambo of defrauded Sol.Oxapampa.Palcazú.Ucayali. Sooner or later they have to be carried out those projects, to be these routes the most right and acceptable.

Nowadays, day of the mean century of existence of this colony, past with desires. and words without execution; time full with bitterness, hindering and paralyzations in having blocked colony.

Nowadays, in these moments of their existence in that we make the first entrance payments to complete the Century for their future history, in hope of their development. Great territory, with wealths that are plentiful step-by-step, unfortunately in road of destructions and consumption of the nature, looks with indifference! Stepped amassed wealths without use.

Science is the force and greatness of the nations, consequently looks and dedicated of also instituting them in Peru! On the other hand of the sustained ignorance.

We want peace, tranquility and concord for the relief of the country, inclusive of this colony, with a due protection of the Supreme court Government in this century of progress and reformations.

That from the time of the coloniaje, it has degraded the country, completely in comparison to the time of the Empire of Atahualpa! That it had to the less ones six times more than inhabitants, with their very organized towns.

That apart from that referred, in the interyacente time, so much for the insert of the Peruvians, as much as for the Yugoslavian and more German, mainly for those Messrs. Müllers and both Missions, he/she could with not few sacrifices to be developed like we see nowadays to this colony.

Enrique Böttger

Oxapampa, August 30 of 1941





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