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To approximately 4,338 msnm, in one of the areas but rural and inhospitable of the world, the city of Hill of Pasco rises, which is considered as the but high of America. This city is also known as the capital of the Peruvian mining.

Being one of the highest cities in Peru, Hill of Pasco, capital of the department of Pasco, in the central mountain of the country, is also one of the most extraordinary places in the region: the drastic of their climate and the height, they suppose a serene counterpoint with the mountains that surround it.

Soon after of the conquest, in s. XVI, small groups of browsers and missionaries settled down in the place cohabiting with the caciques that extracted gold and silver of the rich locations of the area. The news of these reservations motivated the progressive arrival of hundred of adventurous and hunters of fortune that didn't take in settling in the place denouncing mines and establishing residences, that that him dió to the flourishing city that characteristic personality of "town miner" that conserves until today's day. Many of the buildings, however, date of the XVI and XVII centuries and they are for themselves valuable testimonies of the colony.

Main Attractiveness:

Church San Pedro of Ninacaca
To 31 km to the southeast of the city of Hill of Pasco (30 minutes in car). Built between 1580 and 1610, it conjugates technical architectural Andean and Spanish. In 1626 it was consecrated San Pedro, their patron saint. The building contains a single ship with stone walls and straw roof; its altar is wooden and bread of gold and the external walls exhibit figures carved in stone.

Immaculate Church Concepción of Vicco
Main square of the district of Vicco, to 18 km of the city of Hill of Pasco (30 minutes in car). Visits: 9:00-15:00, previous authorization of the responsible for the church.

I temper erected in stone by the residents of the district in the XVII century.

Lagoon of Punrun
To 37 km to the Southwest of the city of Hill of Pasco (1 hour 15 minutes in car).
He/she has a surface of 8 km2, a maximum depth 200 meters and it is to 4200 msnm. Among their cold waters they are distinguished five islands, where it highlights that of Pumapachupan. Surrounding the lagoon can be typical flora of the area like the chilligua, the ichu, the garbancillo and the bofedales. Punrun is also habitat of numerous species of birds like the wild duck and the real duck, the humped one, the gull, the plunger, the frailisco, the kingfisher fisherman and the mandolas, besides numerous frogs, trouts, chalhuas and bagres.

Replica of the House of Daniel to. Carrión
Av. The Inca s/n, Yanacancha, to 1,8 km of the city of Hill of Pasco (10 minutes in car).
Built in memory of the martyr of the Peruvian medicine, Daniel Alcides Carrión, the house is located in the portal of the hospital that takes its name.

National Sanctuary of Huayllay
To 45 km to the south of the city of Hill of Pasco (45 minutes in car). Visits: 8:00-17:00. Conformed by rocks of different sizes and forms that are the result of the action of the wind, the water and the displacement of the glaciers. Those formations resemble each other to human and animal profiles, they form covers and arches. The forest houses a source of thermal waters that you/they reach the 60ºC (140ºF) and they are known by its healing properties.

The place is also habitat of deers, vicuñas, vizcachas, mountain cats, skunks, sparrow hawks and partridges. The flora is conformed by grass, queñoales, huamanpintas, putagas and it kills undergrowths or pargashes.

Thermal Bathrooms of Calera
To 43 km to the northwest of the city of Hill of Pasco (1 hour 15 minutes in car), or to 3 km (45 minutes on foot) from the town of Huayllay.

Rich bathrooms in calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, sulfates and bicarbonates whose waters reach the 60ºC (140ºF) of temperature. They are attributed healing properties for the muscular and nervous ailments.

Snowy of Huaguruncho
To 86 km to the east of the city of Hill of Pasco (3 hours in bus), you arrives to the town of Huachón, from where 6 km is traveled until the skirts of the snowy (2 hours in car) one. It reaches the 5730 msnm and it is formed by four important glaciers: Jacahuay (5180 msnm), Ranrajanca (5180 msnm), Carhuaraj (5160 msnm) and Incatama (5130 msnm). In their base several lagoons can be appreciated, among those that Huaguruncho highlights, Milk Cocha, Suyro Cocha, Talaya and Pacchapata.

Thermal Bathrooms of Conoc
District of Pallanchacra, to 66 km to the east of the city of Hill of Pasco (2 hours in bus). Bathrooms to those that are attributed healing diverse properties; the temperature of the main pool varies between the 20ºC (68ºF) and the 29°C (84ºF).

Distances from the city of Hill of Pasco:
* Yanahuanca (County of Daniel Carrión) 64 km / 2 hours.
* Oxapampa (County of Oxapampa) 396 km / 9 hours

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